Paul Cheney Visual Artist

Sailing solo around the world, propelled by the wind, graphic design and fine art.  

Envision a reality where the most significant rewards derive not from financial gain, but from the delight of contributing to positive changes. If we all aimed to attain that, what a truly marvellous world it could be.

We are aware that nothing comes without effort, and each of us must contribute our fair share. However, the question remains: for what purpose? The reality is, we can all manage with a bit less at times. While some projects boast substantial budgets, others have none. Personally, I am fortunate to have a home and provide food for my family. I am capable of making sacrifices to extend a budget. In the grand scheme of things, it balances out, and that, to me, is enough.

Though my focus is on working with Non-Profit organizations I am happy to work with anyone.  If you think I can help you or your organization, let’s talk.  I am always looking for a new challenge or experience.