Paul Cheney Visual Artist

Sailing solo around the world, propelled by the wind, graphic design and fine art.  

My favourite part of a movie is always the trailer.  I love the slick transitions and the magical way a few seconds of moving images can not only sell you on the upcoming title but, in some ways, rival it.  Adobe After Effects is not for the faint of heart, but after a few years of pushing myself, I am now finally at a place where I feel maybe, just maybe, I might be ready to make a little trailer of my own.

phone mock up

I thrive in a creative environment; give me the most demanding creative solution you can muster, and watch me shine!  My broad skillset allows me to seamlessly blend design and visual storytelling aspects across any platform, from Photography and video in remote corners of the world to selling a home around the corner.  Every job I undertake gets 100 percent of everything I have to give.  I do not just offer a creative service; I facilitate an entire creative solution.

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A comprehensive journey from establishing an online presence to securing the top spot on Google within six months.

Shelly approached me for assistance with advertising, and what began as a simple request evolved into a year-long endeavour.

The project encompassed various facets, including the creation of real estate videos, the development of branding strategies, logo design, motion graphics, the execution of marketing campaigns, advertising initiatives, and, finally, the design, photography and placement of a billboard.

Billboard By Paul Cheney

The Welcome Centre Shelter, a collaborative project with Design For Good to create a powerful print and social media campaign to help with fundraising.  I used just about every skillset in my toolbox on this one, from print design to web, social media, digital marketing and a dash of motion graphics

The Welcome Centre Shelter Print Campaign
welcome centre print back page
Landing Page Design
Not a choice campaign
All I want for Christmas
Courtneys Story
Courtney's Story Landing Page

Producing something for a client is one aspect, while enabling them with the skills and knowledge to independently manage it is another. During a month-long engagement in Ghana with the organization WIAD, dedicated to promoting women in agriculture and addressing associated challenges, we collaboratively developed a comprehensive branding strategy and digital marketing campaign. Subsequently, I conducted training sessions, imparting the necessary skills to utilize the templates I had designed, empowering them to generate their own content once my involvement concluded. The project presented formidable challenges, largely due to the limited infrastructure and resources available.

Wiad collage
wiad mock ups
wiad mock ups
Safari for good logo
Safari For Good Mock Up

Just for fun.

Do you ever travel to a small town and wander through the eclectic stores and shops.  Ever wonder who the people are behind the places that bring tourists by the thousands?  Meet a few of the small business owners in my small town, Paris Ontario.  This is a collection of videos promoting the people and businesses in Paris Ontario.

Establishing a coffee brand in a distant corner of the globe.

ad for philippine coffee grower

Imelia’s Black Bean Coffee is situated in the picturesque provincial town of Magallanes, nestled in Cavite, The Philippines. Due to limited accommodation in Magallanes, I found myself staying in the nearby tourist hub, Tagaytay. Positioned on the edge of the Taal volcano, Tagaytay is home to the ubiquitous Starbucks, a global icon found in tourist destinations worldwide. This led me to ponder: What makes Starbucks coffee so enticing? What distinguishes it, especially when stripped of its sugary embellishments? And why is there such a noticeable price contrast compared to the local brew I enjoyed for a mere 15 pesos? The answer lies in the power of branding. Starbucks embodies effective branding, portraying an exaggerated image and a lifestyle concept.