Paul Cheney Visual Artist

Sailing solo around the world, propelled by the wind, graphic design and fine art.  

I have always loved art.  It was my focus in high school, it was all I did.  A few weeks before graduating I asked my art teacher, “So what do I do now to make money as an artist?”  “You don’t,” he said.  Fast forward a few decades ( ok more than a few ) I found myself with a long history of being self-employed as a Visual Artist.  The one thing I had not tried to make a living at was painting.  That crushing day in high school had always left me believing it was impossible.  I had just sold my first E-Commerce business and had enough to live off of for a year.  So I gave myself one year to make it work.  One year to become a watercolour painter AND to support myself doing it.  Not only did I succeed, but I also opened a gallery and art store and started teaching watercolour to others.  Today my artwork is sold all over the world and my classes are available right here on my website!

I did everything I could to learn, I even went so far as to learn to make my own paint which I turned into another E-commerce business and eventually sold.  When I went to bed it was what I was thinking about, when I woke it was what I was thinking about.  I lived and breathed watercolour painting.

My style has evolved over the years.  When I was a child I taught myself how to draw by copying Robert Batemen’s paintings out of my parent’s coffee table book. I have been drawn to wildlife ever since.  My goal is to create a powerful portrait of the animal or bird, one that reaches out and grabs hold of the viewer.

Original Artwork

Please contact me to discuss purchasing original artwork.  As I am usually someone on an ocean, it is not always easy to ship artwork.  I am always happy to meet up with people where ever I am should they wish to purchase art or take a lesson or two.

Watercolour French Bulldog

Learn Watercolour Painting Today

Without question, the number one comment I get from people that talk to me about learning to paint is, “I can’t draw stick people”. To this, I respond, “How much time to spend drawing stick people?”

At some point between the time of the old masters and the present art became some kind of mystery talent.  You were either born with it or you were not.  That is simply not the case.  You CAN learn how to do this.  I did and if I can do it, anyone can.

Art Prints

Not everyone can afford or wants to spend a lot of money on original artwork.  Maybe you know someone that has an appreciation for watercolor painting or a particular type of bird or animal.  These affordable art prints will last for generations, are sized to fit off-the-shelf frames and ship FREE to your door.  What more could you ask for?  Most important to me is the inspiration I get when someone purchases a piece of my artwork.  It really means the world to me and I can not thank you enough for your support.