Watercolor Barn Swallow Masterclass


Learn to paint this beautiful watercolour hummingbird using only 3 layers.  You will be surprised at just how easy it is!



One of the biggest questions I get as a watercolour instructor is, “How do I loosen up my painting style?” This class dives into learning how to gradually build up detail after starting with a loose wash.  You will start with super simple washes and then work your way through to the final details.

In this course you will learn:

• How to apply simple loose washes to establish the basic shape of your painting.

• How to build on those washes to create detail.

• How to use value to define shapes and forms.

• How to apply your paint and recover from mistakes.

• How to use Gauche to create highlights.

• How to use just enough detail to make your painting feel real.

Along with these great topics I also share invaluable tips and tricks that I have learned over the many years I have spent working as a professional watercolour artist.

You will be creating this beautiful Barn Swallow.  I have rated this class as intermediate but if you are a beginner you will learn a LOT from watching or trying this class

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