Watercolor Hummingbird Masterclass


Learn to paint this beautiful watercolour hummingbird using only 3 layers.  You will be surprised at just how easy it is!



Do you struggle with overworking your paintings, keeping things loose and free-flowing?  Well then this class is for you!  In this class, we will cover another method for keeping your watercolor painting loose and not overworked by limiting it to 3 layers.

In this class, we will paint this beautiful Hummingbird using only 3 layers.  Each layer is applied using very simple brush strokes and dabs of paint and of course as always, lots of water!

I am recommending this class for all levels because learning from the start to not overwork your painting is easier than trying to unlearn later on.   The image may seem complex but not to worry I have included an outline that you can use to trace so you do not have to worry about drawing.  Also included is a high-resolution image of my painting as well as images of the painting after the first and second layers for you to reference.  You may also use the included photograph to paint from if you prefer, this is what I used to create the painting but most people find it easier to copy my painting vs interpret a photograph.

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