Paul Cheney Visual Artist

Sailing solo around the world, propelled by the wind, graphic design and fine art.  

Paul Cheney Picture of Paul

I think writing about oneself in such a context has to be one of the most challenging professional activities you can undertake.  I am proud of my accomplishments but I do not wish to boast, I want to sell myself but not put off potential customers or employers.  The truth of the matter is, that I do have a very diverse skill set, I have accomplished a lot in my short life so far and I am excited to do so much more. 

Navigating diverse realms, I’ve shared lunch with a U.S. President, sailed solo in the remote Pacific Northwest, and managed a quaint watercolour gallery in a small tourist town.

My repertoire spans creating a watercolour paint line, crafting online classes and stores, producing short films, and assuming roles from teacher to photographer, videographer, motion designer, editor, painter, printer, designer, and developer. I’ve held an executive role at The Globe and Mail, Canada’s National newspaper, earning a prestigious award. Volunteering in developing countries, I’ve assisted communities in honing marketing and advertising strategies.

Embarking on a new journey, I seek a purpose beyond merely “earning a living.” Immersed in impoverished regions, I witnessed the disparity and recognized the need for assistance closer to home. My myriad ventures underscore the challenges in branding, marketing, and design.

Though unable to work entirely pro bono, I am committed to contributing time and offering discounted services. Share details about your project, and together, let’s explore how I can contribute to its success.