Custom Pet Portrait

Interested in a Custom Pet Portrait?

There are moments in life when the bond between humans and their furry companions transcends the ordinary. When our beloved pets pass away, they leave behind an indelible mark on our hearts. A friend of mine recently experienced the profound loss of his faithful companion, Paddington, a charming white dog who had been his loyal friend for many years. As an artist, I wanted to pay tribute to the cherished memories they shared, and so I embarked on a journey to create a pet portrait that would immortalize Paddington’s spirit forever.

Painting a pet portrait is much more than putting brush to paper, canvas or iPad ; it’s a heartfelt endeavor to encapsulate the unique character and soul of the furry subject. For Paddington, with his white fur and soulful eyes, I knew I had to bring out the joy and love that emanated from him.

Painting a white dog can be both challenging and liberating. There are hundreds of colours and getting them just right can be difficult at best.

My goal was not only to capture the physical likeness of Paddington but also to evoke the emotions tied to his memory.