The Ultimate 15 pan watercolour set with ceramic mixing palette and travel brush.

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The new Ultimate Watercolor Travel Palette. ** CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLOURS ** See link below for colour selections. ** Free shipping ** You may choose any 15 pigments from my selection of professional grade artist paints. IF you are purchasing this as a gift or are not sure I will prepare the set for you based on what I use in my 15 colour travel set.  You can view all of my current colours here. 

The Ultimate Travel Palette features a 4"x4" ceramic mixing palette and 15 individual pan holders that hold the pans in place - no need for magnets, glue etc. The pans fit firmly in place.  At the bottom of the insert under each pan you will find a small hole, you can push the pans out to change them around with a paperclip etc.

For a limited time it includes a Davinci hand made travel brush!  These alone are worth over $20 each!  There is a special section dedicated to a travel brush or small section. 

The palette comes complete with a matching lid, the entire thing with the lid underneath can be held in the palm of your hand but still has a generous mixing area not found on any other travel palette!

My watercolour paintings are made using the exact same paint, made the same way, by me and by hand. I have meticulously adjusted my personal Gum arabic mixture to allow the paints to re wet very easily, you do not need to pre soak them. The paints are packed with pure single pigments ( except for the neutral tint ) there are no additives, dryers or fillers. They are as pigmented as you can get. They are rated one step above artist grade paints such as Daniel Smith.

The colours are rich and beautiful, traditional artist's colours. I use the same pigments artists have used for centuries. 

The paints lift beautifully with minimal water, no need to pre soak them. The binder solution is what holds the pigment in place, it is a natural gum arabic mixture that allows the pigments to rewet with just a damp brush.

As a professional artist I put a lot of time and research into the materials I use. My painting style demands highly saturated and pigmented paints. Unless I used paints direct from the tube I could never get enough colour saturation and even then only with the most expensive paints on the market. Using paint directly from the tube is VERY expensive and uses a LOT of paint. This led me to start experimenting with making my own paint, I figured there had to be a way to get more pigment into my dry paints.

I am still, after all this time, amazed at the difference between my handmade paints and "professional" store bought paints. There really is no comparison. There are no fillers or additives, just pigment and the binder solution I created.

The piments are ground by hand using a hand blown glass muller on a glass slab, it can take several hours to grind some of the pigments down, each pigment has it's own personality and requires a slightly different process. Once the pigments are ground fine enough they are poured by hand into the pans. To dry properly each pan is filled in layers, it takes 1-2 weeks to complete each pan depending on the pigment.

Some cracking of the paints is natural - this is because of the lack of additives but this does not in anyway affect the quality of the paint, in fact the opposite.

This is my personal design and it is copyrighted. It may not be copied.

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