Paul Cheney Handmade Paint Watercolour Starter Set

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Artist grade handmade watercolour paint.   A starter palette featuring traditional colours made using the same pigments artists have used for centuries, in a compact travel tin.

The colours are rich and beautiful. I have meticulously adjusted my personal Gum arabic mixture to allow the paints to re-wet very easily so you do not need to pre soak them. The paints are packed with pure single pigments (except for the neutral tint) and contain no additives, dryers or fillers. They are as pigmented as you can get. They are rated one step above artist grade paints such as Daniel Smith. This set contains the following six colours:

Ultramarine Blue (red shade)- Pb 29
Cadmium Yellow Medium - Py 37
Cadmium Red Medium - Pr 108
Burnt Siena - Pbr7 
Neutral Tint - Pbk 11, Pb 15:3, Pr 122
Buff Titanium - Pw 6