May 11 Ievel 2 introduction to watercolour painting 10am - 2pm

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Introduction to Watercolour - Level two  Saturday April 13

- In the level two workshop we will use the skills learned in the level one workshop to create two paintings.  I will provide reference material ( pictures ) to paint from and guide the students through the process.
- The pictures are chosen to utilize the painting methods learned in the level one class
- Students will learn a simple and effect way to sketch out their image on to the paper, no drawing experience is required.
- Each student will create two versions of each painting, one direct without drawing and one with drawing.
- This is an excellent course for those that have taken the level one workshop or those that have equivalent experience.  
- This is a prerequisite for the level 3 workshop where students create a painting of their choosing.

Cost - $75 per person, all painting materials are provided, please bring a notepad and something to take notes with. ( pen or pencil ).  If you have painting materials already feel free to bring them.  

The workshop will start at 10am, it will run for 3-4 hours not including a break for lunch. Lots of great places to eat at the Wincey Mills.

The workshop will take place on the 3rd floor of the Wincey Mills Market in the Mill Room.  ( Unit 2 )  You can access this via the elevator to the left of the main gallery. Do not use the stairs as the door at the top of the stairs will be locked.

 The Paris Wincey Mills is located at 31 Mechanic Street in Paris Ontario.