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Make Your Own Professional Mini Watercolour Set

Make Your Own Professional Mini Watercolour Set

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This is an introductory offer! Choose ANY six of my watercolour half pans! YES even the expensive ones!

• Every order will receive a free gift!
• Every order comes with a beautiful tin to hold your new professional watercolour paint!

These handmade paints are not just handmade, they are professional grade watercolour paints, the perfect gift for the artist in your life or even better - to gift yourself!

How it works:
1. Purchase this listing
2. In the notes to seller section include your preferred colours.
3. Sit back and wait for your new professional watercolour paints to arrive and paint!
* Colours can be found in my shop section "Handmade Paint" here is a link to that section
* if your colours are not in stock, you can still order them it will just take a few days longer to fulfill the order.

I am so confident you will love these paints - I will guarantee them. Return the paints for a full refund if you do not love them.

As a professional artist I have tried to source the best paints I could find, yet there always seemed to be something lacking. Not too long ago artists made the paints they used by hand, usually for each painting. Having a background in colour science I thought making my own paint would be relatively easy.... it was not! The hard part, the part that took me 3 years to create and the secret to any professional paint, is the binder. The artist pigments are vastly different from one another and each one requires its own special recipe. That is the closely guarded secret the commercial manufactures use to define their paints, It is what makes them unique. In the case of my paint, it is what will make you fall in love with painting all over again.

The pigments are sourced from all over the world and are the best artist grade pigments available. My watercolour paints are packed with these pigments.

After years of trial and error I believe I have made the finest watercolour paint available. Each colour is made by hand, in micro batches, a few tubes and or a handful of pans at a time. Unlike commercial paints I grind my paints by hand using a traditional glass muller on a large slab of ground glass. The pans are poured a little at a time over several weeks. They are made to re wet easily and with very intense colours. The tubes are made with the same love and care and are packed with paint.
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