Handmade Watercolor Paint - Primary and Secondary Palette - 6 Half Pans -Non Toxic - Professional Artist Paint - Gift for Artist

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A perfect gift for the artist in your life. 6 hand made watercolor, artist quality paints. Primary and secondary colour set. These are the same paints I use in my own paintings.

The pans are packaged in a wonderful travel pan that fits in your pocket. The pans are held in place by a reusable sticky tac. The pans can be easily removed by lifting them out. To replace them just move the sticky tac to a new pan and press it down. The swatches on the lid of the travel case are hand painted.

I explain each colour below so please read on, if you are view on a phone or tablet you may have to click, "read more"

As a professional artist I put a lot of time and research into the materials I use. My painting style demands highly saturated and pigmented paints. Unless I used paints direct from the tube I could never get enough colour saturation and even then only with the most expensive paints on the market. Using paint directly from the tube is VERY expensive and uses a LOT of paint. This led me to start experimenting with making my own paint, I figured there had to be a way to get more pigment into my dry paints.

I am still, after all this time, amazed at the difference between my handmade paints and "professional" store bought paints. There really is no comparison. There are no fillers or additives, just pigment and the binder solution I created.

The binder solution is what holds the pigment in place, it is a natural gum arabic mixture that allows the pigments to rewet with just a damp brush. There are no toxic chemicals used, it is 100% natural.

While studying pigments, I found it was not necessary to use historic toxic pigments ( Cadmiums for example ). There are several modern pigments that are in most cases superior the more harmful ones.

The piments are ground by hand using a hand blown glass muller on a glass slab, it can take several hours to grind some of the pigments down, each pigment has it's own personality and requires a slightly different process. Once the pigments are ground fine enough they are poured by hand into the pans. To dry properly each pan is filled in layers, it takes 1-2 weeks to complete each pan depending on the pigment.

The Set:

This set is made up of one of my primary and secondary sets, 6 colours I use often. I say one of because I have several versions. I feel this one is a great one for people to get started, it has a great mixture of warm and cool colours.

This set has a red, blue and yellow as opposed to the more traditional cyan, magenta and yellow. The reason for this is I tend to use more high chroma colours ( brighter and more saturated ). The pigments are chosen to allow a wide range of mixing colours, with this set you are actually getting an open door to make just about any colour you can imagine. As they are each made with a single pigment, they will tend to be less muddy than store bought paints.

Most people do not know that all paint manufacturers use the same pigments to make their paints. There are often as few as one or two manufacturers for some pigments. The funny number, often in super tiny print you see on store bought paints is the actual name of the pigment. Most paint manufacturers make colours by using lower cost pigments to create colours that mimic more expensive pigments.

I list my pigments below beside the names, the secondary colours are actually named by the pigment. ( the "P" stands for pigment - the following letter relates to the colour i.e. "r", the number is the colour index number. Pr 254 means "Pigment Red 254" )
Your set includes the following pigments

•• Pyrolle Red - Pr 254 •• An excellent replacement to Cadmium red, opaque and mixes well with Hansa Yellow to warm it, on it's own it is a natural cool red.

•• Phthalo Blue Pb 15:3 •• A BEAUTIFUL, rich primary blue, one of my favourite colours, mix this with Green 7 for a stunning turquoise.

Hansa Yellow Medium - Py 74 ••

•• Green 7 - Pg 7 •• - a mixing green, rarely used on it's own but limitless when mixed with other colours in the palette to make a stunning array of warm and cool greens.

•• Orange 36 - Po 36 •• - an opaque, highly saturated orange. Great mixed with Hansa Yellow or Pyrolle Red for a wide variety of hues.

•• Violet 23 - Pv 23 •• One of my favourite shadow colours, a rich robust purple, the stand alone purple you see often in my paintings. (this dries with a metallic sheen in the pan, there are no additives added to prevent this but it does not affect the colour when painted )

Some cracking of the paints is natural - again - no additives but this does not in anyway affect the quality of the paint.