Handmade Old Masters Watercolor Paint Set, Authentic Historic Paints

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Just in time for Christmas, the Old Masters paint set. Featuring rare and hard to find pigments ( real cadmiums and cobalt ). A great gift for the discerning artist in your life or even better - yourself! This is an introductory price, get them now before it goes up!

The paints are ground by hand, the same way they were made by artists of days gone by. They are made in small micro batches and poured into the pans layer by layer over several weeks to insure they dry properly.

Each paint is packed with pigment and a traditional gum arabic solution that I make myself. Again this is the same method employed by artists before the commercial industry took this age old process out of the hands of artists. There are no fillers or additives. My gum arabic solution allows the paints to easily lift from the pan without any need for pre wetting.

Each colour in this set is a single pure pigment. The colours are extremely saturated and vibrant.

The paint set is presented in a pocket sized tin with each pan fitting in a custom made insert. The insert easily lifts out allowing you to pop the pans out from the bottom through a small hole under each pan.

I make everything myself including the inserts. Please find the list of included pigments below.
This set features:

- Cadmium Red Medium
- Cadmium Yellow Medium
- Cadmium Scarlet
- Cadmium Lemon Yellow
- Cadmium Orange Light
- Ivory Black
- Raw Umber
- Viridian
- Magnese Violet
- Cobalt Blue
- Burnt Sienna
- Raw Sienna

The set comes in my signature travel tin that features a custom made enclosure specifically designed to hold watercolor half pans. The second picture shows the insert outside of the tin.