Introduction to watercolour painting February 16

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Introduction to Watercolour Saturday February 16 - 10:00AM

Paul is a full time working artist, this class is what Paul wished was available when he set out to master this challenging but rewarding medium. This is not a paint club, this is a workshop to learn the basic skills you need to get started, it is designed to be efficient and accurate, to teach you what you need to know so that when you leave, you can start painting.

All materials are included.  I strongly urge you to NOT purchase them before, we will cover in detail the best materials to use and why.  All of these will be available to purchase at the end of the workshop so you can start painting right away if you choose.

In this workshop we will cover everything you need to know to get started on your journey in watercolour.

Understanding the medium, what you need and more importantly what you do not.
Colour, mixing colour, the dos and don'ts of mixing colour
Paints and more importantly pigments, what brand, store bought or as crazy as it sounds, make your own!
Paper, the good the bad and the ugly
Brushes, what is the difference between Kolinsky hair, synthetic hair, which brush does what?, What are the essential brushes to get started.
Put your brush to the paper, the best course is to start painting.

You will get to try different papers, brushes, pigments, you will even learn how watercolour paint is made. When you leave, you will be ready to paint. There will be materials available at the end of the class for purchase.

Cost - $65 per person, all materials are provided, maximum 7 people.
The workshop will start at 10am, it will run for 3-4 hours not including a break for lunch. Lots of great places to eat at Wincey Mills.