Davinci Series 1573 Pocket Brush

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What is a pocket brush?  Well it is a brush that can go in your pocket.  I suppose all brushes could be put in a pocket, these however will not get damaged.  The end cap screws off and contains a beautiful handmade Davinci brush inside.  You then turn it over and screw the bottom into the base and voila you have a  fantastic brush, anywhere you are.  

I have tried several types of pocket brushes.  The most common type are the thin metal ones that have a cap that pulls off.  When you assemble these there really isn't any structure to them, they can be wobbly and ill fitting.  With the 1573 Series, the brush is threaded together creating a solid handle.  On top of this ( no pun intended ) there is a small hole in the lid to allow the brush to drain / dry if need be when closed up.

Like all Davinci brushes this is handmade, the hairs are synthetic but you would be hard pressed to tell.