Cadmium Red Medium Pr108

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 A creamy warm red, beautifully opaque

This is REAL Cadmium not an imitation currently sold by commercial paint manufactures under the label of "Cadmium Hue"  This is a single pigment paint with an unsurpassed pigment to binder ratio.  The pigments are ground by hand into a gum arabic solution I created myself that allows the paints to be rewet with ease.    

Naturally-occurring cadmium-sulfide based pigments were used as early as 1850 because of their brilliant red, orange and yellow colors, and appeared prominently in the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh in the late 1800s.

When first introduced, there were few stable, bright pigments in the yellow to red range, with stable orange and bright red being very rare. The cadmium pigments eventually replaced compounds such as mercury sulfide (vermilion) with improved lightfastness.