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Handmade Paint

I stared making my own paint for several reasons, the biggest being my love for past traditions and skills.  Understanding what I am using, how it is made has taught me more than I ever could have hoped for with respect to painting.  It has been far more challenging that I ever could have imagined but every bit as rewarding.  Today things are made for profit, pigments are very expensive, some extremely so.  I have tried every brand of commercially made paint, some are terrible, others are pretty good.  None however come close to matching traditionally handmade paint in terms of vibrance, saturation, ease of rewetting.

I have a very old antique set of watercolour paints in my little emporium at the Paris Wincey Mills even after 100 plus years the paints rewet and boast their vibrant characteristics just like the day they were made.  I make my paints the same way these were made, I hope that 100 years from now people admire my work in the same way.  

It has taken me about 2 years to get this far, understanding each pigment, creating different binders for different pigments and of course sourcing them from all over the world.

My paints are on display and I encourage people to come in and visit me, try the different pigments before you buy them. 

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