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Water Colour Pigments ( colours )

Like all paints, watercolour paints are made up of pigments.  Watercolour pigments are finely ground, water-soluble particles that are mixed with water and used to create paint. Watercolour paints are known for their delicate, transparent qualities and are often used by artists to create delicate, nuanced works of art.

Watercolour pigments come in a wide range of colours, from bright, bold hues to subtle, muted tones. The colours of watercolour pigments are often more vibrant and pure than those of other paint types, as they are made from pure pigments rather than the pigments mixed with oil or other binding agents.

There are two main types of watercolour pigments: inorganic and organic. Inorganic pigments are derived from minerals and metals and are known for their durability and lightfastness. Organic pigments, on the other hand, are derived from plants and animals and are known for their vibrant colours and delicate, transparent qualities.

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