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Content Creation

When I first started creating content I enjoyed pushing the boundaries that limited me at the time.  There was no internet, the word "digital" was not known in the average household.  By the age of 10, I was a budding artist, copying artwork from my parent's Robert Bateman books, at age 11 I made my first darkroom and started to develop my own film as it was too expensive to pay to have it done.  "If that person can do it, so can I" that was my motto then and is still pretty much the same today.  

Creativity is the key to everything.  It is the ability to sell yourself and others.  It is magic in the sense that you make something out of nothing, It can be copied once created but no one can ever steal your internal creative process, the magic behind the image that existed prior to its creation.  

Apart from creativity, I think the ability to adapt and change with your environment is critical.  I witnessed and rode the wave that became the internet as we know it today.  I evolved from traditional photography to digital, from print to web and now continue to evolve in what is generally known as content creation. 

How things are made does not matter nearly as much as what is made.  Does it evoke emotion, a desire to have, to be in that place, try that food or go on that adventure?  If it does, then you have done your job well.  We are so fortunate to have a multitude of mediums in this day and age at our disposal.  I make it my priority to always understand and be on top of all of them.  When I worked as a consultant for the Globe and Mail Newspaper I could do everything from designing the layout of the paper and the newly formed website to operating every facet of the printing press that made the physical newspaper.  In understanding the entire process I was able to teach, do, implement and create what became an award-winning newspaper.  Today, I enjoy the same but in the world of online marketing and advertising.  If it is visual, then my answer to you is.  "yes I can"


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