Total Watercolour 5 consecutive weeks beginning October 1st

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Total Watercolour a complete watercolour course

Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30

 All Materials included.

This course is for all levels the only requirement is a serious desire to learn and understand this exciting medium.  The course will run for 5 weeks and is an excellent way to get started in watercolour painting.  We will cover every aspect of making a painting.  

Week 1.  Drawing and composition, learning to walk before you run - Before you can paint you need something on your paper to paint. We will also cover drawing fundamentals and materials. 

Week 2.  The Value of Value.  The core of your painting. This is probably the most important aspect of any painting and one that is often over looked.

Week 3.  Colour, mixing and matching colour and the methods of applying watercolour paint, this is where most people run into trouble.  

Week 4.  Painting a realistic painting, break it down and paint what you see applying the methods learned to date.

Week 5.  Moving on to abstract - letting go, big brushes and lots of water, this is where the magic of watercolour really shines.

I strongly encourage people to practice the methods taught in each session before the next session.  

The course will be taught at the Paris Wincey Mills, 31 Mechanic street, Paris N3L 1K1,  in the main common area just inside the main entrance.

$250 per person - limited space available.