Expressive and Effective Sketching workshop with Captain Tom Saturday May 18

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Artist and designer, Tom Pajdlhauser will be sharing his technique of quickly capturing observed moments with expressive and effective sketches. He will be going over the importance of understanding and practicing perspective & design fundamentals and how to apply them to loose, fun and exaggerated observational work. The goal of this workshop is not only to introduce you to Tom's technique and process, but to make your approach to complex observational sketching more confident, fun, informative, and appealing.

We will meet in the Mill room at the Paris Wincey Mills (31 Mechanic street, Paris Ontario). Please use the elevator to access the third floor. The elevator is located beside the main gallery.

Saturday May 18  9am - 4pm

Module 1 - Morning
Intro - experience, tools, & goals
Quick brush up on perspective fundamentals
Shorthand techniques for understanding observed perspective. Scale, angles, & proportions
Expressive exaggeration - "How far is too far?"
Visual Storytelling

Module 2 - Afternoon
30 min - 1 hour demo in the field
Group sketching with guidance

Supply List for the Workshop:
-Fountain pen
-Platinum Carbon Ink or other waterproof ink like Noodlers
-Micron pens are a good alternative to a fountain pen because they dry waterproof.
-Portable watercolour palete
-container for water
-Watercolour sketchbook ( the bigger the better) but 5x7" landscape books are acceptable for single images per page )
-one round watercolour brush size 10
-a small stool if you get tired of standing

If you are interested Tom's palette is:
Ultramarine Blue
Neutral tint
Cadmium Red
Alizarin Red ( used rarely )
Cadmium Yellow
Raw Umber
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre

Available in my shop which is located in the back corner on the main floor of the Wincey Mills are Moleskin sketchbooks, Platinum Carbon ink, Lamy Safari Pens, Micron Pens, Water Soluble Pencils, Watercolour travel brushes, Daniel Smith paint and watercolour paper.

In honour of the event I will have a limited number of ready made sets of my handmade artist grade watercolour paint in the above colours. The paints will be in a set of half pans, I have substituted Alizarin Crimson for Quinacridone Magenta as it is more lightfast. I will post a photo of the paint sets in the discussion when they are ready in a week or so.