April 20 level 3 - Introduction to watercolour painting 10am - 2pm

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Introduction to Watercolour - Level 3  Saturday April 20   10am - 1:00pm

Pre Requisite - Level two or equivalent experience.

This is an open learning workshop.  Students will use the skills acquired in level one and level two workshops to work on a subject of their choosing.  Students that have adequate experience may also attend this workshop.  Each student will receive hands on instruction to help guide them through the subject of their choosing.  

If the image is a complex one, it would be a good idea to have it sketched out prior.  We cover how to do this in the level 2 workshop.  If you are unable to do this, please bring a photo printed the same size as the painting you would like to make.

Students are required to bring their own materials for this workshop.  Please be sure to have the following on hand.

- reference photo to paint from
- paper ( please no larger than 9x12 )
- brushes
- paint
- water containers will be provided 
- paper towels
- drawing materials
- painters tape or masking tape
- a painting surface if you wish to tape down your painting.


Cost - $60 per person.

The workshop will run for 3-4 hours not including a break for lunch. Lots of great places to eat at the Wincey Mills.

The workshop will take place on the 3rd floor of the Wincey Mills Market in the Mill Room.  ( Unit 2 )  You can access this via the elevator to the left of the main gallery. Do not use the stairs as the door at the top of the stairs will be locked.

 The Paris Wincey Mills is located at 31 Mechanic Street in Paris Ontario.