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Painting loose

Painting loose

I talk to a lot of people about watercolour painting in my little shop.  A lot of those people, like myself, started painting in oil or acrylic.  The biggest struggle established painters in other mediums have with watercolour is letting go and loosening up.  One of the best ways to loosen up is to use a large brush that holds a lot of water.  These are often referred to as a "mop"  Most artists including myself generally use a  French Quill Brush for this.  Different manufacturers make these using different hairs.  The body of the owl below was painted using a number 8 Davinci French Quill Squirrel hair brush.  Don't let the number fool you, this would be about a 24 in a conventional brush size.  Squirrel hair holds a LOT of water, it is almost impossible to not paint loosely when one of thees is loaded up.  ( Brush is shown below )

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