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Cold Press or Hot Press Paper - which to use

One thing I struggled with early on and well into my watercolour career is whether or not to use hot press or cold press paper.  I thought I would share a little insight here to help you understand the difference between the two to help you when learning watercolour painting.

Hot press and cold press paper are terms that refer to the finish of the paper's surface. Hot press paper has a smooth, polished finish, while cold press paper has a slightly rough, textured finish.

The main difference between the two types of paper is the manufacturing process. Hot press paper is made by pressing the paper f together using high heat and pressure, which results in a smooth, even surface. Cold press paper, on the other hand, is made using lower heat and pressure, which creates a slightly rough, textured surface.

The choice between hot press and cold press paper often comes down to personal preference and the type of medium that will be used on the paper. Hot press paper is best suited for fine art techniques that require a smooth surface, such as drawing with a pencil or ink. It is also a good choice for w painting, as the smooth surface allows the paint to glide easily over the paper.

Cold press paper, on the other hand, is better suited for techniques that require a rougher surface, such as watercolor painting or mixed media collage. The slightly rough texture of the paper allows the paint or other medium to grip the surface, which can create interesting effects and textures.

In general, hot press paper is considered to be more versatile and can be used for a wide range of techniques. Cold press paper is better suited for specific techniques and can add texture and interest to a piece of artwork.

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