A cadmium free ride to the cleaners..

A cadmium free ride to the cleaners..

My inbox was blessed with Winsor and Newton's latest paint release this morning, "Cadmium Free".  I will be blunt and to the point, this is a marketing ploy to get you to buy more paint.. ok so that is not so bad.  I mean that is what companies do to get you to buy their products - they market.  

What is wrong in this case?  Cadmium pigments are not really the monsters they are made out to be.  https://www.cadmium.org/cadmium-applications/cadmium-pigments  Sure there are safer pigments out there but I bet you something with in a 10 meter radius of you is coloured with a cadmium pigment ( plastics )

Cadmium pigments are very expensive, want to guess how much less "Cadmium free" paint is to manufacture vs real cadmium?  A lot!  I guarantee you that if it were the other way around WN would be promoting the relative safety of modern Cadmium paints.  

Ok still not so bad.. WN comes out with a series of new colours and a marketing scheme to get you to buy into them - everyone does that. 

These new colours are colours even most hobbyists in their tool kit.  How many people now are going to throw out those "nasty" cadmium paints to replace them with "cadmium free"?  My guess a lot.

Still not the worst part..  THE PRICE!  Even though they do not show the pigments used to make the new paint, they can not be as expensive as cadmiums.  Yes that is right, they are green washing a new product in order to sell it to you, In most cases replacing colours you already have on your palette.  They are not only profiting from a new product and it's sales they are manufacturing it at far less of a cost.  At least they are passing on the savings to you.... um, no.  If anything these new paints are MORE EXPENSIVE - this is akin buying gluten free maple syrup.  You are paying more for less!

STILL not the worst part.  The only way to make a colour look like a cadmium pigment is by mixing pigments together.  Watercolour painting and the rule of three.  If you mix more than three pigments together, things start to get muddy.  Cadmium pigments are single pigments, these new paints probably have 2-3 in each one, mix two together and you could very well be mixing 6 pigments together AND you are paying MORE to do so!

I am not saying you should run out and buy cadmium pigments and paint your veggies with them before you eat them.  Just take a look at the pigments in the paints ( as of now they are not listed ) before you buy them.  You probably already have these.  If you do have cadmiums they are not going to kill you and if you want to buy gluten free paint, use up what you have first.

End Rant.