Check out my new impressionistic paintings!

Watercolour Bulldog Commision

This watercolor bulldog painting is a commission I received through my Etsy store and will be shipping out to the US ...

African Grey Painting Commission, Watercolor Painting

This is the second commission for this customer, I tried to match level of detail to the original.

Barn Owl Painting, watercolour 8x10

I love painting these, the feathers around the face area  real challenge, it is hard to not make it look like a paint...

Beagle Watercolour Painting

Good morning everyone and happy easter!  I know it is not a bunny but I was too busy with commissions to create somet...

Horsing Painting, watercolor 22x16

I worked diligently on this watercolour horse for two days!  Started with a big giant brush - 2 mins.. then the other...

A cadmium free ride to the cleaners..

My inbox was blessed with Winsor and Newton's latest paint release this morning, "Cadmium Free".  I will be blunt and...

Canada Goose Painting

The best way to try a new brush is.. you guessed it!  Paint something!  This watercolour Canada Goose was painted usi...

Great workshop this past weekend with Atanur Dogan

Everyone did great, so many wonderful paintings created!  

A little bit of colour on a rainy day

Rainy day today at the shop, trying out some new brushes ( post coming soon and they are AWESOME! ) so took the oppor...

Some dogs are just really happy..

I really enjoyed painting this watercolour pet portrait.  I incorporated a loose style while trying to capture this f...

Belgian Malinois Commision

Here is a recent commission of a Belgian Malinois  The portrait is 11x14 inches on Fabriano Soft Press paper.

Watercolour Fox painting

I find foxes challenging, painting anything in watercolour can be challenging but certain things like fur, white fur ...
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