Paul Cheney

 “It is not what you look at that matters, rather what you see”


Up until 2023, I had never had an actual resume.  When I signed up with Catalyst it was a requirement.  The lure of assignments around the globe and the chance to help people in need were too great so I finally caved.



Paul is a creative director, photographer, videographer, Editor, Designer, Digital Marketing and Content Creator specializing in:


  • Creative business strategy in branding and design
  • Photography and video storing telling for small to large businesses.
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Digital marketing content creation, audience building and brand development.
  • Establishing small start-up businesses with the tools they need to compete in today’s market.

Summary of Experience
Paul has been self-employed as a visual artist and entrepreneur for the majority of his adult life. Starting as a photographer at the age of 15 photographing weddings in his hometown of Brantford, Paul went on to photograph over 1000 weddings all over the world. Paul worked on and off as a professional photographer from 1985 – 2013.

In 1999 while taking a break from photography Paul took a contract position with the Globe and Mail to help implement a digital workflow into both the print department as well as the photography department. At that time Paul also helped form what became Globe Interactive and eventually the Paul also oversaw the transition from traditional black-and-white letterpress printing to full-colour offset printing and successfully won 7th place in the International World Quality Club for newspaper printing. This was the first time a Canadian Newspaper ever achieved a successful entry. Paul also managed to beat much larger papers such as the New York and LA Times.

Taking his recent experience in the digital world, in 2002 Paul left the Globe and Mail and returned to photography and design where he cofounded 360 Multi Media specializing in digital photography and digital media, illustration and flash animation.

In 2013 Paul saw the end of wedding photography as a lucrative business looming and decided to jump out ahead of the curve. Wanting to give up the commute to his Toronto-based clientele Paul left photography again and founded Fossil Letterpress, his first E-commerce venture. Focusing on high-end wedding stationary Paul created an independent business that sold custom stationary, packaging, and design to customers around the Globe. After 3 years, and reaching triple-digit sales Paul sold Fossil Letterpress and decided to focus on art.

Paul opened a small independent gallery in a tourist destination and sold his artwork, and supplies and taught classes.

He was about to expand and open a larger studio just when the pandemic hit. Rolling with the punches Paul decided to take a different approach and launched a line of handmade watercolour paint. Again the business took off and after a short while Paul sold it.

Paul was then approached by a local realtor who asked him to help with photography, video and eventually marketing and branding. Paul spent a year working with this client helping her reach the first page on Google, and establishing a brand and marketing plan including a series of lifestyle videos for local businesses.

Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce – Coursera
Google Adwords and Search Campaign – Coursera
Intercultural Communications Course
Sheridan College – Applied Photography
Humber College – Desktop publishing
Rochester Institute of Technology – Colour Science Rochester Institute of Technology – Digital Printing

Professional Associations
Adobe Ambassador
Catalyst Plus

Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop
Canva | Adobe Express
Adobe After Effects
Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro
Teaching | Instructing
Adobe Animate
Shopify | WooCommerce
Digital Marketing | SEO | Google Adwords
Graphic Design | Typography | Digital Printing | Package Design